Designerpool Part 1

Designerpool Part 1

As you might already know, Igedo Company sponsors extraordinary interventions by gifted designers from Russia and CIS at CPM Moscow since many years.Every season five designers can present their new collections on the fair to the Russian market. Furthermore they participate in a fashion show especially conceived for them. This time ASTA RICH (81A32) ELENA BREZHNEVA (81A34), LGP by Yulia Nikolaeva (81A36), MARIA AKIREIKINA (81A28) and TOOLAI (81A30).

Read more about the collections:

The collection of ASTA RICH brand embodies smart casual urban style, combining cosmopolitan ambitiousness and exquisite femininity. With her energetic delivery of formal style, the lead designer Nastasia Kirichenko allows the wearer to establish a more confident self, while still maintaining own style. From design point of view, ASTA RICH tasked themselves to alter a conventional perception of formal wear. As a result, the team strived and managed to create comfortable office clothing that would bring flexibility, clean cut, and simple garment care together.

The collection’s color scheme is presented in traditional tones of formal style. The Pre-Fall 2016 by ASTA RICH is all about versatile tailoring and interchangeability of its items and their compatibility with basic clothing items. It features lightweight trouser and skirt suits, dresses, blouses and a number of topcoats. The idea behind this collection was to create clothes that would become a seamless elegant addition to a woman’s wardrobe.


A collection of designer Elena Brezhneva is a challenge for the men’s fashion industry. Not similar to others, colorful, fascinating, comfortable, and what’s most important – virile.
Resort vacation was the urge to create a new men’s collection. Accents and details make a collection unusual, distinguished from others. When a man dressed nicely – it attracts the attention of women and becomes a confident and successful.


Yulia Nikolaeva’s capsule collection represents essential necessities, the basis of a look. Here austerity is full of meaning, and simplicity of the forms underscores content’s splendor. The capsule’s basic garments are comfortable, yet smart, loose, yet accurately cut, and can be mixed accordingly to fit into any circumstances. Whether it’s a city or countryside, out yachting or up in a balloon – the choice is yours.
Minimalistic design, maximum handcraft and a perfect balance of bright with pastel and natural with synthetic are the collection’s trademarks.

Tomorrow will follow Designerpool Part 2! Stay tuned.