Designerpool Part 2

Designerpool Part 2

Here you can read more about futher participants of the CPM Designerpool.

Maria Akireikina

History and memory of our roots, old photographs in family album and Russian art of silver age are initial points of the spring-summer 2017 collection. The collection is set of perfect outlooks for modern woman. It includes office blouse-shirts, monophonic skirts and casual day dresses. Also there are cotton wraparound and linen dresses for walking under the bright sun. In addition, there are white lace dresses, delicate batiste blouses and dress with embroidery for dinners with friends. The collection is oriented for 25-45 years old woman. Size range is from 42 to 52.


Traditional classic lines combined with modern bustle, cosmopolitan ethics, searching for a point of equilibrium between the madness of rhythms and simple romance this is the philosophy of the brand “TOOLAI”.
Classic jackets, linen, coats, overalls – AVIATOR, rectangular shapes are complemented by ease flowing silk and soft translucent batiste give a feeling of comfort and relevance.
Shiny silk from birch gray to shades of deep blue mineral, soft linen shades of graphite and ripe almonds, thick cotton, fine wool costume anthracite tone theme of the summer collection: “Urban nomad story”.