Trends spring/summer 2017

Trends spring/summer 2017


Modern simplicity paves the way to a luxurious and purist trend with lots of room for pausing, retreat and purity. The interplay of colours comprises nuances of sunrise and sunset. The breath of nothing is rounded off by transparent fabrics, glittering silk or techno-mesh materials for maximum minimalism.


The 80s and 90s meet futuristic technologies with pounding beats, strong shoulders and test card attitude. The colour scheme is obviously dominated by radiant tones that are framed by black and the purest pure white – everything is iridescent, shimmering and fluorescent, shining with an enamelled, varnished finish. Power dressing par excellence or even Grace Jones feat. Backstreet Boys chic!


When Cuba, Jamaica and Costa Rica flex their fashion muscles an unadulterated cocktail bar feel prevails. Huge tropical blooms are graphically distorted, blended, superimposed, decorated with batik giving rise to a wild, exciting and captivating mix of rich natural, marine and jungle tones. Forming the icing on the cake for the trend are robust and rustic pieces of jewellery made of coloured wood or transparent acrylic.

Photos: WGSN