Meera Mahadevia


Meera Mahadevia

Meera Mahadevia is perhaps the best kept secret in the international luxury handbag market.

The brand is 32 years old & has customized design accessories for celebrities across the world. Today her creations are showcased across India in the high-end fashion boutiques of Mumbai, Delhi, & all other major cities. many film personalities & other celebrities are her clients. Meera’s luxury handbag captures the soul of India & is detailed to a fine precision using the most artistic manufacturing tool of all time: the human hand. Meera’s creations, are fiercely coveted across the world.


Address: 116, Jayawant Industrial Estate, 1st Floor, Tardeo Road, Maharashtra- 400034 Regd Add 113, Narayan Udyog Bhavan, Lalbaug Mumbai 400012
Tel: +91-79-23525079
Mob: +91-9987757771