We heart: H.I.S

We heart: H.I.S

Everyone knows H.I.S! ‚H.I.S is Jeans’ captures the essence of the 2017 Spring/Summer Collection, stating clearly where the brand belongs.
1923 the history of the label started in New York. Since then the brand shows where it belongs and how strong it is on the market. Authentic jeans fashion, the denim lifestyle and the perfect fit – for women and men – is what H.I.S does best: it is part of its DNA, so to speak.
The company’s jeans story combines an innovative approach with a large dose of humour, which can be seen in the campaign in the 70’s and 80’s. Do you know them?
H.I.S Jeans designs for a style group, which does not coincide exactly with any one age group. How that looks like shows the head of design, Coskun Saglam, and his team in the upcoming collection.

Unique touches, inside and out

The main feature relies on elaborate decorative touches on every pair of jeans. So they have a unique character. This individuality makes them immediately recognizable. On the inside, these H.I.S garments feature impressive printed chambray pocket bags and inner seams in the CI colours red and green.
On the outside, there are red bar tacks in unusual places as well as silicone labels with logos, which gain their own unique character over time with wear. Other features are included as well, such as metallic details on the coin pocket.

New capsule collections every month

H.I.S is now focusing on monthly capsule collections, so that the brand is able to respond more rapidly and flexibly to market trends and signal a departure from traditional season-based collections.