53.0 company & FG Creative Studio - CPM Moscow
53.0 company & FG Creative Studio

53.0 have their roots in the Edilmoderna Marmi a specialized family company with more than 50 years of experience in marble processing.

The marble, as a noble material, has always been admired for grandeur and elegance due to its infinite universe of colours, textures and finishing.

53.0 reinvent its applications by developing a variety of items ranging from buttons, jewelries and other fashion accessories. Laterly, other materials and objects have been added to the precious marble collection to the partnership with FG Creative Studio that create, design and manufacture bags and other accessories for a refined and demanding clientele.

53.0 and FG Creative studio have always focused on searching new products, components and other elements to better meet the needs of their customers ranging from some legendary brands but also new and vulcanic realities.

More information: https://www.53puntozero.it/author/manuela/