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Alisia Esnco

ALISIA ENCO is a brand launched by Alice Botnarenco with a core purpose of creating creative designs and unconventional clothing apparel for businesswomen, for women working in professional domains where they need to respect a formal dress code, but still wish to express their personality and unique style.

ALISIA ENCO, with its motto “For creative women in business”, has at the center of its identity a must-have piece, the business shirt, but reaches every aspect of a business wardrobe.„A woman’s appearance in business is part of her performance. My iconic piece is the white shirt, it is “the black dress” in business. A balanced shirt, impeccably crafted, naturally woven, with smooth care for details is a guaranteed business card for a successful appearance. Beyond the overwhelming standards of a simple white shirt, I’d like to open a whole universe of possibilities to enjoy a shirt in business. I challenge businesswomen to awaken their charisma, creativity and self-expression in their business outfits.” – Alice Botnarenco, Founder of ALISIA ENCO.

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