AMANOURA is the world’s first décolleté jewellery, a revolutionary and innovative approach to the beautification of the female body and a completely new way to emphasize a woman’s décolleté.

AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery has been created for the modern woman, who loves her body, is self-confident and open to new ideas. While not necessarily seeking to be the centre of attention, she does not shy away from being admired by others.

AmanouraThe name AMANOURA signifies exactly that. AMA is Italian meaning “she loves”, while NOUR is a common word in some Asian languages signifying “light”.

AMANOURA can be worn with

  • Evening and cocktail dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Blouses
  • Resort wear
  • V-neck T-shirts
  • Traditional wear (e.g. the Austrian and Bavarian ‘Dirndl’)

Launched in 2016 in Vienna and Dubai AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery is now looking to expand internationally.

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