Astromoda - CPM Moscow

The Astromoda brand is the result of a scientific experiment of the Russian State University named after Kosygina on the topic of clothing-artifact or quantum fashion. The brand and development are all patented and have all the necessary documents.

The creators of the brand do everything in a closed cycle – from model development to painting on fabrics and creating prints, which is why there is a lot of manual labor in our works, which is very much appreciated by our customers.

Clothing according to the zodiac sign and the elements:

this is when you choose your clothes according to the date of your birth.

When choosing clothes, a girl and a woman are guided by diversity — very well. But what about in such a situation when the closet is filled to the top, and there is nothing to wear? Fashion trends or matching the mood can help to weed out unnecessary things from the wardrobe. But the mood and fashion are changing – it’s impractical, and there is no stability inherent in an adult in this. What remains unchanged is the date of your birth. According to the zodiac sign and its elements, you can make a wardrobe for every day! And you don’t have to choose what to wear to work every morning. On the brand’s website, you can be provided with a service for selecting clothes by date of birth.

Clothing for your wishes:

your wardrobe can reflect your wishes in life, goals and dreams.

We all want a lot. And most often, these are very big things, such as happiness, prosperity, well-being and others. From the creators of the brand, you can get a free consultation on personal style. Then you will be able to fulfill your wishes with the help of clothes and achieve your goals! There are some recommendations, but it is better to contact a specialist for specifics. Each desire requires a special approach. In some cases, these are the most ordinary clothes, but somewhere you will see that the clothes on you are not just picked up. It will create a single harmonious image.

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