Carlos Cordoba
Carlos Córdoba

Carlos Córdoba is a family company focused on men clothing and specialist on shirts from 1986. Founder and owner is Carlos Cordoba and his brothers, who are completely involucred on the company from design to prodcution process. Head quarters and main factory is located in Almedinilla, one small village of Cordoba (South of Spain). Here is where we made all the items. Company is strictly about quality and control, it is why we produce everything in our factory in Spain and checked for a serious quality control process.

After a hard and long work company is already consolidated at the spanish market where we have more than 20 agents and 800 customers. Carlos Cordoba group havent limits and after this we started our process to expand the company outside. Since 8 years ago, Carlos Cordoba group is already working in France and Portugal where we are already well recognized.
These neighbour markets was first step and we expand to UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Libano, Canada, USA, Mexico, Republica Dominicana and other countries from South America.
Nowadays, we have a capacity of 3.500/4.000 shirts per day (we still make all shirts in Spain) where our foreign countries are being important.

Eveyday we could be happier about all, each country is increasing sales and we are helping them as we can. Improving our collection, our marketing brand, making shows&fairs, etc.
Furthermore we are working with big/medium and small chainstores for private label, we are able to make all his designs and fits with hundred of details. Also, we have a huge collection of ifferent fabric supplier where the customer had not to worry about nothing.

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