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Cashmere Couture

Elegant cashmere basics of timeless elegance, ingeniously refined with fashionable quotes from the Roaring 70s: This is the look of CASHMERE COUTURE by Simone Bruns. With the label founded in 2015, we build a bridge between the present and the flower power generation: We complement our classic basic collection every season with designs in the style of the new hippie era.

The reinterpretations of the most influential era in fashion history so far come as oversized, floor-length coats, XXL towels with fringes – either in leather or crocheted by hand -, complemented by fine knit ponchos or colorful shawls.

In addition to classic basics, it creates a silhouette of casual, unruffled elegance, garnished with a touch of wicked sexiness. “With my collection I want to encourage my customers to reinvent themselves as women and to relish their femininity with pleasure”, – says Simone Bruns.

Each part is the result of the highest quality standards in all areas: from the choice of base material to production. We at CASHMERE COUTURE by Simone Bruns use only the highest quality highland cashmere yarns from Nepal. They impress with their particularly soft feel, a shimmer like pear dust, as well as incomparable wearing comfort.

The factories we employ are among the best in the industry. The women in the predominantly family-owned companies have been processing the finest cashmere yarns with craftsmanship virtuosity at the highest level for many generations. They pass on their knowledge from generation to generation to their daughters.

This mature craft know-how in combination with the latest production technology is the fertile ground for fashionable innovations: season after season, as a team, we create hitherto unknown surface structures in knit and woven optics, which are eagerly awaited by the growing number of their regular customers becomes.

At the same time, the principles of sustainability apply here, above all humane working conditions and fair wages. Simone Bruns: “With my label, I help women to feed their families. That makes me a little proud, too”.

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