It all started with a jacket… The jacket of the founder dreams of Chevignon. The jacket resembled the fly jackets worn by pilots in the United States Army Air Forces in the 1950s, with the same charming yet comfortable and robust style, but this jacket would bear the name of a Frenchman, Charles Chevignon. Born in 1979 from the talent of a man who dreamed of America, Chevignon, a teenage icon and a reference in street culture, has continuously evolved ever since, the latest trends part of its very DNA. As the inventor of aged leather and a market leader for leather jackets, Chevignon revisits its iconic pieces, which include the fly jacket, the bomber jacket, the teddy and the puffa jacket, every year, combining the energy of US sports with a nod to the brand’s history, allowing its creativity free rein on the male wardrobe. Chevignon is something of a rare bird in that it designs and produces in France beautiful garments that are made to last, reflecting the adage ‘what is beautiful stays beautiful’. The CHEVIGNON man, at ease in his era, combines appearance and casualness. A style that always has and always will remain unique and that symbolises the rallying cry of the groups who see the city as their playground.

This season Chevignon is drawing its inspiration from the desert-like San Jacinto Mountains and Mid-Century architecture of California’s Palm Springs. A collection formed of three parts. The first corresponds to the end of summer, with soft jackets and light shirts and fabrics. A mix of cotton and nylon. Chevignon is expanding the male wardrobe in the second part, with a reinterpretation of men’s essentials like the trench coat, the Chesterfield, the leather jacket, and iconic garments like the Teddy and the Aviator… The third part is all about warmth, with skin-out leathers to keep out the cold.

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