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Chili Lifestyle Socks

Chili Lifestyle Socks is a NOS (never out of stock) concept for retailers!

The socks are made of high quality ecotex yarns, soft pique elastic, so they fit smoothly to any foot.

We have constantly new collections in trendy colours for the best price possible. The funny banderoles make it a gift item for any occasion with a big potential.

For example, our sales at Kaufland Croatia are outstanding!

At the moment we offer 2 assortments: Presents Collection Banderoles, Cult Collection White Label.

Also we offer round stands 160 cm high, 40 cm o, 5 layers, 8 hooks each for 6-8socks. They come in a small package easy to send.

1 box of Chili Socks is 120 pairs 5kg inside 4 Poly 30 pairs inside 5poly 6 pairs

Chili lifestyle socks are hot!

Custom made for any occasion matching your mood at any moment! Cool design, great present, classic or sport, freaky or straight.

Live your life, express yourself, cash your dreams before they slip away! Chililifestyle is a religion for openminded fun loving strong characters.

Feel free anytime to ask for detailed offers, item sheets, samples etc. We speak Russian – German – English.

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