CON BRACH is a Dutch brand that was founded in 2015. It represents purity, elegance and strength.
In the first years, the collection consisted of Alpaca Essentials. 2018 saw the release of a coat made from this exclusive wool, combined with a high quality design. The CON BRACH collection can be styled elegantly for both a formal and a casual look, with which the contemporary woman is represented. The alpacas that produce the CON BRACH wool inhabit the Andes Mountains in South America. Their wool is unique for its semi-hollow fiber. Over the course of thousands of years, alpacas have developed to protect themselves against the extreme temperature in the Andes. At heights of almost 5,000 meters, it can get extremely cold an hot. Here alpacas need to keep their body temperature constant. These alpacas distinguish themselves because their wool, as opposed to other types of wool, does not contain lanoline/ wool grease, which makes alpaca wool hypoallergenic. Furthermore, alpaca wool is water-repellent, as much as ten times warmer than sheep wool and as soft as cashmere. With this knowledge the two cofounders got the idea to improve the sustainability of clothing. The enduring wearability of clothing was a decisive factor for CON BRACH in de decision to put the coats on the market.
The collection already lays in stock a number of stores, but we have come to the point where we’re looking for more efficient ways to expand our marketzones.
Therefore we are looking for an cooperation with an agency to conquer the Russian market.

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