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delmar swimwear

We design women’s swimsuit in Seoul and produce in Guangzhou.
After did some OEM productions to US and China boutiques for a couple of years, brand [delmar swimwear] was launched and started being sold in Thailand in October 2018 mainly for europeans in Phuket, Hua hin, Krabi and Bangkok. Then we started a consignment sales with Ril Creed in Causeway Bay since April 2019. We have many interesting new styles using faux leather & metallic fabrics and metal chains. Unique prints that are all exclusively for delmar swimwear. Retail price $ 60-130 USD, Mostly available US size S/M/L- certainly can produce more styles by demands of market. We would like to deliver the confidence that you can feel when well-dressed up with our good structured swimsuits.

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