DOROTHY MAMBO™ is a Spanish fashion brand that is firmly committed to the design and manufacture of footwear in Spain. A firm that brings together a large group of professionals from the fields of design, pattern making and crafting of artisanal footwear.

Our collections offer exclusive, sustainable and ecological handmade footwear. We design models in limited editions with special attention to detail.

At DOROTHY MAMBO™ we design handmade footwear for genuine, demanding and sophisticated women and men. Expert consumers who rely on cutting-edge quality and design. Our commitment is to offer a line of footwear, urban and colorful where comfort, quality and design prevail.

We set out to make an aesthetic review of an icon of the world of footwear, the espadrille. A natural, organic and sustainable footwear. The challenge was to apply new textures, creative designs and innovative materials to the classic espadrille, without losing the traditional value of this millennial footwear.

Our models are full of color, joy, daring and passion. Impregnated with a purely Mediterranean idiosyncrasy that transmits this feeling to all those who fit them.

DOROTHY MAMBO™, is a firm with its own identity that is defined by self-confidence, freshness and daring. We seek affinity with our public. Women and men, enthusiasts, optimists, adventurers and entrepreneurs. The kind of person who gets up every day wanting to change the world.

We observed that new and different brands were needed to offer an alternative to the big fashion multinationals. The consumer wants to differentiate himself and looks for products with great differential value. Our niche is focused in that audience. To which we offer a footwear for women and men of high quality, different, elegant and comfortable at a fair price.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ arises from the passion, perseverance and experience of Nereida Rial Peralta and Leandro Jaimovitch.

She was born in a family dedicated to handmade footwear. Nereida has always been fascinated by the world of design, the manufacture of footwear and fashion accessories. After receiving a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, Nereida acquired professional experience in various international fashion firms. After completing her training journey, she thought about creating a firm with values that he considered were being lost. Her intention was to give life to a genuinely Spanish brand that firmly committed to quality and craftsmanship in Spain.

Leandro comes from the world of design and communication. He specialises in branding, marketing and design. He works in communication, marketing and online and offline design for the firm. He also collaborates with Nereida in the design of the collections and their packaging.

Our goal is to enrich the planet with practical, beautiful, harmonious and comfortable products. Sustainable and respectful products with the people who make them and the environment.

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