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Fur-Textiles Nederland BV, part of the British YFF Group, is your specialist and partner when it comes to faux fur. We have been among the leading manufacturers in the world in this field for more than 30 years.

Our products are used in the clothing fashion industry (fashionable clothing/ shoes, safety clothing), interior decoration textiles, pet’s accessories etc. The production of our flame-retardant fleece articles and jerseys as well as the “budget” faux fur takes place in the United Kingdom. The polyester polar fleece is imported from Asia and stocked at our warehouses in the UK and the Netherlands. Several of our products are certified according to current EN standards. Since 2000, we have also been producing a very high-quality collection of faux fur under the Saluki brand. This high-end collection is produced in China and delivered all over the world, mainly for the fashion and decorative industry.
Many articles from our collection are so realistic they can no longer be distinguished from real fur.

With modern technology it is now possible to develop realistic and comfortable fur. So realistic in fact, that the differencebetween real fur and faux fur is virtually impossible to distinguish to a layman’s eye. Our Saluki faux fur qualities are made from the highest quality synthetic yarn and fibers.

The Saluki brand is divided into traditional (animal-like items) and fashion (colorful and fancy).
Our Saluki brand is suitable for various applications: – Lining–Collars/ hoods
– Outer jacket fabrics
– Trendy home accessories
– Fashion accessories
– Saluki faux fur has endless possibilities.
– Available in many different qualities, colors and designs (prints).
– The faux fur from our Saluki collection is very realistic and has a luxurious look.
– Saluki faux fur offers optimal comfort.

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