Grace & Mila - CPM Moscow
Grace & Mila

Two poetic names, which symbolize the Parisian’s daytime and evening wardrobe. Created in 2011 by three siblings, Grace & Mila shows collections with a feminine style throughout the seasons. The clothes are a combination of Grace Kelly’s natural regal beauty and Mila’s sweet name meaning beloved. The two are in perfect harmony: discreet charm and elegant detailed designs for trendy collections. The Parisian touch has made Grace & Mila a favorite amongst locals, experiencing a successful and relatively rapid growth over the past few years. Having charmed the French capital and the Provinces establishing itself throughout the world with it’s decidedly French style. There are delightful summer and winter styles for all: Small bows, fine textiles…a wide range of prints, refined patterns, and different embroideries or just a little something extra, signed Grace & Mila

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