ICJOY - CPM Moscow

IC-JOY – casual chic clothing – is a family company focused on comfortable and relaxed wholesale womenswear.

Headquartered in London, the main manufacturing is located in Portugal and the United Kingdom. IC-JOY is a new and fresh company – operating for 2 years now – the brand is already very successful in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. We are currently expanding into Canada for this season.

Our range of womenswear is suitable for the medium-high retail market and we pride ourselves in quality control. Our identity is casual chic – aimed at a niche market looking for trendy, comfy clothing that has an elegant twist! Our customers describe IC-JOY clothing as suitable for loungewear and travelwear. Our casual-chic brand sits well next to middle-high fashion labels. Forward thinking fashion outlets and boutiques could easily create a place for IC-JOY.

Urban chic defines the upcoming collection, which demonstrates effortless glamour, natural intimacy, versatility and creativity. IC-JOY is for confident women who want to wear accessible, relaxed clothing with stylish and nice quality fabric. The IC-JOY collection encapsulates the reality of practical, uncomplicated daywear. Women enjoy wearing our clothes after a sport and fitness session, a busy day in the office, taking a flight, meeting friends for a coffee and relaxing after a long day with the kids! Women who want simplicity, comfort and style will always choose IC-JOY.

More information: https://www.ic-joy.com