Kayser - CPM Moscow

KAYSER – world famous brand of underwear from Chile. The brand was founded in 1880 and known in all countries of South America. The key principles of KAYSER are quality and comfort at an affordable price!
A team of modern designers and a central office are based in Santiago, Chile. All the collections are created according to the latest trends in world fashion right here in Santiago.
The main collections update twice a year: fall-winter and spring-summer. Additional assortment collections of swimsuits and basic underwear models are producing during the year. The product range consists of six main segments: women’s underwear, men’s underwear, teen underwear, home and sleep wear, hosiery and swimwear. Models of different store formats based on the range are worked out.
Currently, the brand has 120 stores in Chile and Peru. Since 2017, the brand has begun a full-fledged international development.

More information: https://www.kaysershop.com/