Leonisa is a brand that deeply understands the nature of a woman, creating unique technologies for her to enhance the beauty of her body.

We are a brand of corrective underwear based in Colombia, a leader in sales in more than 9 countries in North and South America since 1956. For 30 years, there has been an exclusive European representation of Leonisa registered in Spain as LENOSPA S. A., which we are. Having firmly established ourselves as experts in corrective women’s and men’s underwear on the international market, we successfully serve both direct buyers and wholesalers in Western and Eastern Europe and individual countries in Central Asia and the middle East. We have recently started our activities in Russia.

What is our “highlight”? We are one of the few companies that are directly involved in the entire production process that takes place within the walls of our own factories – from the design of future collections to the release of finished models, using the latest technologies to create high-quality ergonomic underwear that combines not only functionality, but also sensitive design.

The advantage of working with us: working with clients around the world, we are flexible and adaptable, respecting the interests of our partners, we are ready to negotiate!

Leonisa is one of the official participants in the breast cancer program: https://www.leonisa.com/en/aboutus/breast-cancer / that indicates our community’s ability to empathize and advocate for a healthy lifestyle!

More information: https://www.leonisa.com/