Breras Milano, daughter of Luravi Srl, leader in men’s and women’s clothing and outerwear, was born in 2016. Luravi srl is an innovative evolution of the careful and precise tailoring work of the past. The company inherits skills and professionalism from master tailors who have made history in the ‘900 in the Valle d’Itria and gathers together all the skills that have been handed down for three generations. Luravi srl is the result of thirty years of experience, handed down from father to son, as with all the best Made in Italy traditions.

Tailoring and quality are the basis on which, year after year, creation after creation, the BRERAS MILANO brand was built. Why Breras Milano? Because Brera is the historical and artistic district of the capital of fashion that recalls the elegant and artistic Paris. Art and fashion, therefore, the two concepts that exactly render the idea of our brand: making fashion inspired by art. Breras Milano presents itself as a solid and dynamic reality of the expanding Italian and international fashion scene. The company has infrastructure covering 12,000 square meters and 25 people ready to work for a single objective: to grow together and expand the brand. Its state-of-the-art complex perfectly houses all company departments, from Fashion to Administration, up to the warehouse, capable of quickly and accurately managing and expediting orders. Every phase of production, from project to delivery of the finished garment, is performed internally and supervised with the utmost care and attention by specialized personnel. Breras Milano has a workforce that makes around 70,000 garments a year. A new but wisely structured reality, which rests its future on the strength of Luravi srl’s decades of experience in the world of fashion and the Made in Italy, which is so sought-after and appreciated abroad.

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