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Maraton Sportswear

with the team spirit we have and the organization we manage a. with our unique designs and quality products that are open to developments to new markets and to future, our Vision is to be among the leading Sportswear Company in the World.

Producing service that is adding value to our shareholders primarily to our employees and customers and that is appreciated by them on Sportswear.
Four brothers leaded by Celal Kaya in 1992 establish Cebir Giyim Textile. The process that started in a small cutting Workshop in Laleli, started manufacture of sweat suit in a modest workshop. Cebir GiyimTextile selling sweat suits that are sewed with top care to all boutique enterprises in this process established its first showroom in ‘Laleli in 1997 by taking one more step beyond. It strengthened its relations with Eastern Europe market by this time, arranged wholesale of the products it manufactured and reached remarkable place in the market. Cebir Giyim Textile improving itself with the change in the World acquired Maraton Sport brand in 2000, followed more genuine, and focused way together. In order to signalize its own line in 2001, Male Design Team is established and appreciated by customers with its activities focused on Maraton Sports Collection and genuine works.

Cebir Giyim Textile maintained its keen development by accelerating its investments despite of global crisis. Within this frame, it expanded its target customers by giving importance on technological investments in 2011 in order to maintain its success. It accelerated corporate development works by getting Professional consultancy assistance by 2012, renewing human resource, work processes and organizational structure together with re-structuring.
Cebir Giyim Textile is currently providing the best service to its customers in its own segment by 2013 in its new premises in Istanbul / Mahmutbey having 10000-m2 area, employees more than one hundred and increasing market share. It’s currently started to launch in new markets. So, it both enables employment for the region and foreign currency in flow for our country with the export.
Cebir Giyim Textile has accepted to make activities pursuant to expectations of neighbourhood and employees, social and ethical rules as one of its main activity rules. Cebir Giyim Textile shows respect to rights and freedoms of its employees and ensures all legal rights of its employees. Employees in our company are represented by the syndicate. Cebir Giyim Textile, having the experience on all sections of Sport Wear World from design, packing to transport with its 24-year history, explains its perfectionist concept with ‘’Golden Ratio’’ philosophy. Golden Ratio for Cebir Giyim Textile; is located on the top of Sport Wear by meeting manufacture with design on absolute quality pot. Within this philosophy, Cebir GiyimTextile relies on a teamwork including the customer. High technology is benefited on each stage of manufacture.

It closely follows all global trends about the sector: from design to fabric. The company having a figure that has increased for 24 years in a sector where appreciations and manufacture quality always changes enables this with its design excitement it always protects, team work strengthening collective awareness and professionalism reflecting on all stages of manufacture. Cebir Giyim Textile, detecting the needs of customer with top care, reflects new fabric qualities on its collections renewed each 3 months by combining them with latest trend washings. Moreover, it keeps new fabric types newly developed fabric types that are believed to be trend and widely used in the stock in order to shorten manufacture date.

Cebir Textile, using advanced technology in its manufacture facilities and giving importance on human resources, is one of the leading companies in its sector.

It transforms models coming from customers to patterns ready for cutting with its experienced team according to fabric specifications by using digital technology it has. It perfectly manufactures samples within shortest period on production line allocated to model shop by using computer technology both on pattern and cost stage.

On the cutting requiring sensitivity and speed, fully-automatic computerized cutting systems, all stages from preparing the pattern, designing cloth, laying the fabric and cutting it are performed under the control of computer.

Ornamentations such as print, embroidery are produced with top care and only perfect panels are transferred to sewing by checking all parts.

Talented, discipline machine operators of Cebir Textile create the most important advantage about competitiveness. It is a leading outfit facility standardized high manufacture quality as a result of periodical personnel trainings.

In addition to in-band process controls and end-band quality controls, top care controls are performed in order to deliver perfect products to our customers under the rules determined by our customers.

Ironing and packing department employees arranges special packing for the orders for various countries by meeting their all special labelling requests, without any need for additional work in the showroom.

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