Mooso Fashion

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen is one of the best Scandinavian designers with extraordinary clothes from Italic fabrics with 100 OEKO-TEX Certificate. The True Fleece Selection is a collection of the best and longest lasting fleece designs for man and for woman: Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen, CARL by Steffensen and YOGA Collections.

Mooso Fashion is Danish designer Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen distributor in Baltic countries and Russia.


Through 20 years Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen has created long lasting unique fashion for the contemporary woman. The design DNA is persistent and recognizable through its loyalty to nature, its casual and conscious approach to shape and quality. The True Fleece Selection is a collection of the best and longest lasting fleece designs. The design encapsulates the classic and comfortable approach, that defines Henriette Steffensen as one of the best Scandinavian designers.


The True Fleece selection combined with the launching of The Raw Jersey creates continuity and reliability. It is our vision to focus on this classic key product category and adding it a selective brand awareness both internally and externally.


True Fleece quality is developed through years of research and innovation. All production is placed in Europe at carefully selected factories. The Oeko-Tex Certified fleece fabric will keep the shape and softness after continuous wash and use. The new selection of RAW JERSEY is designed with the same passion and recognizable DNA that defines the True fleece. Designer Henriette Steffensen has carefully transformed usability, functionality and coolness into this exclusive Oeko-Tex Certified jersey. Responsible production of both fabric and style is our mission. The aim is to reach the highest standards for many years to come.


Designer Henriette Steffensen creates zero waste models into collections to minimize pollution and protect the planet. All labels are from recycled paper and every piece of left fabric is used into zero waste collection.

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