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Mucho Gusto

Mucho Gusto was conceived in 2003, whereat Monique van Berkel is the designer, founder and owner of the company: an international high-end luxury fashion retail enterprise. At the heart of the brand is the independent, nonconformist woman with a trace of wild heartedness and wanderlust. Consequently, colorful, outspoken and exclusive designs conclude unique pieces in her collections. Not only is Mucho Gusto specialized in 100% silk scarves with fringes and fur finishing. In addition, distinctive styles of clothing were added to the product portfolio. From cardigans, dresses, pants, sweaters and blouses to tunics, skirts, gilets and even kimonos. Herewith, the whole product range is handmade within the company at its own atelier of professional artisans. Moreover, every collection unfolds distinctively, with themes such as: “No Change without a Rebel”, “Nautical Nomad”, “Spirito Latino” and “Baroque & Roll (FW’18/19)” to name a few. What is most compelling, are the best-selling St. Tropez scarves, going strong for many years, whereat one could make an own choice in 30 combinations hereof (short fringes, long fringes, no fringes etc.). Concluding, Mucho Gusto is an outstanding brand, with high-quality and high-end luxurious produce, sold internationally.

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