NAF NAF was created thanks to the initiative of its two founders:
Gérard & Patrick Pariente. The brand name comes from the popular tale in the West called
“The three little pigs” popularized by Disney in the 30’s.
Naf Naf is the smart and inventive one who saves his brothers Nif Nif
and Nouf Nouf against the Grand Méchant Loup (Big Bad Wolf)
with dedication joy and cleverness.
In 1973, NAF NAF was born! It won women’s hearts with iconic
items, such as the «ready to dye» cotton canvas jumpsuits that brought
NAF NAF worldwide recognition.
These two brothers revolutionised the female wardrobe by bringing
a new tone in the Fashion world: A decidedly modern and positive
philosophy with original clothes which allow women to play with
all styles without taking themselves too seriously.
In 1984, the famous «Le Grand Méchant Look» appeared for the
first time. NAF NAF very quickly became the joyful and bold young
brand an image that was here to stay.
The 1990s is a decade of thriving growth for the brand, which is all
about colours, quirkiness and expansion. It later led to other iconic
products like the colored leather in 2004 or the creation of the exceptional
and affordable princess dress in 2010.
Within our Poetic & Arty style playground we present fresh silhouettes
every two weeks: 3 new Grands Méchants Looks, at the heart of an
offering with premium quality and affordable prices composed
of more than 1400 references…
At NAF NAF we want to make women « Girl, and Proud to be »!
“Girl”, is not about “age”, it’s an attitude: joy of life, simplicity, a radiant
femininity with a little touch of craziness. Be “Proud” is not arrogance…
but self-confidence, in oneself, in one’s abilities, and live fully the moment.
Our mission? Make women well-dressed to help them to feel beautiful
and confident in every circumstance.

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