numberblue - CPM Moscow

numberblue was founded in 2016 in Zürich with a focus on womenswear. Maya Seyferth, who leads design of numberblue, intertwines different cultural inspirations in her designs. Maya is German Designer, born in Georgia, she experienced powerful feminism expressed in strong colors, creative tailoring and demure yet confident behaviour. After having spent years in Hamburg, Paris and Zürich, the basic idea of taking inspiration from her diverse travels and cultural experiences remains. As a result, numberblue fashion can be worn for a vast array of occasions, bringing glamour to any style whether it be in the office, at a festive dinner, or simply out and about.

Numberblue is a firm believer in individuality, optimism and empowerment. The designer offers her clients clothes and shoes that can underline their personality, as opposed to turning them into fashion victims. Femininity, quirkiness, color and comfort are some of the brand’s trademarks, made and designed in Switzerland.

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