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O tag apparel

O tag apparel is established in 2017 with commitment and dedication to make it the best choice of the time. The company was established and based with two main core values innovation and quality along with others. The company started with the bottom ware denim and twill products with its whole product class as denim pant, skirt, shorts, jacket, twill pant and shorts etc in both men’s and women’s couture.

Our creative designing team remains on track in designing and creating the fashion collection for the upcoming seasons and we establish the fashion collection outfits for international events for our valued foreign customers. Our designs are highly appreciated and adapted to our customers. The success in this way really helps us to grow dramatically.

We are working professionally and follow all necessary procedures and sequences in designing, establishing and for production. We remain focused with eco friendly material and sustainable products for the betterment of the environment and excellent experience of our customers.

We are not limited to the bottom wares in denim and cotton twill couture rather we are committed to expand to all possible fashion segments. We use our resources, skills and potential to expand continuously to serve to our customers in a better and improved ways. So, at the end our valued customers and the company both benefited from the enhanced skills and capabilities.

We always look to find the professional international customers with whom we could work to benefit the needs for both to customers and ourselves. Our company is very energetic and passionate for any kind of upcoming work in fashion to serve to our customers. The mutual co-ordination and co-operation helps to enhance our skills and capabilities to better serve to our customers on every next order.

We have strong co-ordination and co-operation with all our stakeholders including suppliers of fabrics, accessories, production team, packing team, transportation and shipping people, and with clearing agents. We win the benefit from this co-operation to smooth our working from tart to the end of the orders, in result we remain successful to produce and ship the products within lead time.

It was a brief introduction to our company. For any specific correspondence and conversation you are always welcome to contact to our prescribed contact details.

More information: http://www.o-tag.co/