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Olimpia Italian Underwear

Who We Are
Olimpia borns in 1960 as a familiar workshop for men’s underwear fine quality production. Advanced
technologies, highly specialized and motivated staff, research of qualified fabrics, flexible production, have made Olimpia a reality with a solid image and corporate reputation, recognized by its national and international clients.

Our Products
Olimpia’s items belong to a inique definition: the quality. In order to reach this objective, an experienced staff constantly follow the various steps of the production cycle: from the creation of lines to the choice of fabrics and raw materials, always penalty selected from the suggetsions of our italian suppliers, until the production and the packaging. The technological investments allow to develop an advanced production system. An internal CAD centre with sofisticated software packages let the staff to create the lines proposed by the designers. The following steps of cutting, sewing, assembling and packaging are made by technological machines which guarantee precision and shorter time compatible with quality.

Our Services
Constant attention to the needs of the operators is confirmed in the service: -Pronto Servizio Olimpia: Olimpia’s warehouse guarantee a fast clearance of orders, wide availability of models, sizes and fast renewal of patterns (5/6 times by year). -Items personalization: Olimpia creation workshop is also available to support operators who wish to develop their own lines of items with exclusive peculiarities.

More information: www.olimpia1960.it