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Brooklyn, New York – October 11, 2017 – Luxury leather sneaker company, OneGround ( today announced their newest line – The Camillo – inspired by the iconic Brooklyn Bridge is available for pre-order via their Kickstarter. The shoe is hand crafted at the company’s factory in Spain with high-quality Italian leather and 778 stitches. The new collection is available in both a high and low top in nine different colors and also features a patent pending internal gore system ensuring a snug fit that makes tying up the laces optional.

Inspired by Brooklyn’s signature suspension bridge, the Camillo’s quilted ribs were designed to mirror the steel cables of the bridge while the trim is inspired by the bridge’s two granite towers.

“We designed The Camillo to be a shoe that could replace any traditional professional footwear and also be the perfect option to pair with casual attire all while delivering unparalleled comfort,” said OneGround, Founder and CEO, Eamon Walsh.

Eamon is the oldest of six, and his family could only afford to provide him with one pair of used shoes every year. He cultivated an eye for craftsmanship by picking out the most durable and utilitarian pair of shoes he could find on the family’s annual trip to Goodwill. This developed Eamon’s passion for footwear where he spent the good part of the last ten years in the footwear industry. He had the opportunity to work on the factory floors, and build out the digital experience for iconic fashion brands. These experiences led him to conceive OneGround. The Camillo is OneGround’s second and flagship collection. The first collection, was the product of a successful $50,000 Kickstarter Campaign.

>>OneGround is a Brooklyn based label specializing in designing a criminally clean artisan shoe. Founded by Eamon Walsh in 2015 the brand’s promise of comfort, longevity, and transparency are rooted in his childhood. The oldest of six, his family could only afford to provide him with one pair of used shoes every year. Knowing durability was key he picked his pair from Goodwill carefully, thereby cultivating a keen eye for craftsmanship. This developed into a career in footwear for Eamon where he spent the good part of the last decade in the industry. Working in private label luxury footwear in Italy and Spain, with over 50 tanneries and 30 family owned factories to design and oversee the production for iconic luxury footwear brands.

OneGround was conceived on the promise of crafting aesthetically clean comfortable footwear with brand transparency into production process as the vocal point. When visitors go to the website and click on the “making of” link they are transported to the south of Spain with a video that shows every critical component of the shoe cobbling process from the hand cutting of the leather to how the shoes are placed in each individual box.

About the Camillo: The Camillo is a contemporary shoe that is handcrafted and hand brushed during the patina process. The shoe features distinctive quilted ribs that was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge and mirrors the steel cables. The sweeping trim of the shoe is made to model the two granite towers that have anchored the bridge since 1863.

The Camillo features a rich top grain leather and a soft leather interior lining. The combination of these two types of leather makes the shoe incredibly comfortable and durable. Due to the thickness of the leather at 2mm the shoe is lightweight. The 3cm cupsole and compression gel foot bed were tested by each team member walking over 2,000 miles in the shoes to guarantee maximum comfort.

Traditional leather sneakers are overly sensitive to moisture that result in a weathered look after a few wears. The Camillo has a natural weather resistant treatment added to each shoe during the patina process. This process ensures the shoes stay immaculate even when exposed to moisture and bright sun for prolonged periods of time.<<

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