QUO - CPM Moscow

About Us:

QUO offers a brand new brand experience for today’s women with its modern and memorable line, simple and effortless elegance, pure touché with high-quality exclusive fabrics and timeless designs. QUO takes inspiration from the very center of life, and is on the way with the genuine QUO Women in her journey which is not temporary but permanent style.

About Collection:

QUO design team, acting with the motto of creating functional and elegant clothes for the urban women to use in their daily lives, blended high sewing techniques with the latest textile technologies and innovative forms and produced pieces that would not be consumed in a single season and which would be the fixtures of wardrobes. QUO Women are active in life, not fashionable, giving importance to style, always keeping ahead of the quality, new experiences, do not hesitate, confident, standing on the ground firmly, the world can appear in every city, visionary, multi-faceted, as well as the busy nature of the city. She is a cultured, dynamic and young spirited woman who enjoys being inward.

About Company:

QUO is the fashion brand of Artar Textile. With 25 years of experience in international market, Artar is one of the top 20 integrated supplier and textile manufacturer that focused on innovative marketing solutions for the advertising specialties industry. Knitted and woven products are company’s best proficiency. Production steps are %85 performed inside of Artar’s constitution as well as qualified solution partners. The company provides services such as cutting, sewing, embroidery, printing, quality control and packaging.

The quality of Artar’s Textile Goods are proven by the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The eco-friendly policy of the company and the sensitivity to environment and humanity is also awarded by ÖKOTEX Certificate.

More information: https://quo.com.tr/