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Soulstar is an authentic clothing brand that arose from Nottingham, the home of Paul Smith and arguably the birthplace of UK Men’s Fashion. Truly passionate about style, Soulstar is designed with a youthful edge and aims to deliver affordable fashion to the style conscious man with no compromise on quality.

Globally renowned for it’s laidback style ,Soulstar’s offering consists of soft sweats, a vast array of denims, chinos, T-shirts, shirts, jackets and seasonal knits. While the core of the collection takes inspiration from UK street style, it’s also packed with influences from American sport and the catwalk recreated and designed in a wearable way for the everyday man. Designed with a youth focus, but with a timeless edge the brand reaches out to a range of different generations.

Soulstar is an affordable fashion brand for young guys – that’s it in a nutshell really.
We’re a northern company with our roots in graft and sweat.
We’re from humble backgrounds ,so know that price is a big deal. We work hard to make sure that its not, when you buy our stuff.
The team is made up of all sorts – just like you.
Even though we’ve been going since 1976 we still get a buzz when we see someone in our gear.
The Soulstar brand launched a few years ago.

Adopt a “Good,Better,Best” product strategy . This would allow the business to see at a glance if it was producing too much in any one category and react accordingly. In addition it allows for segmentation of the account base where top tier customers have access to the complete line and mid tier accounts have limited access.

Good = 30% . Core basics and essentials across all seasonally relevant categories. These styles are in core colours navy, black, grey melange, blue – seasonal fashion colours added in – bights in spring and darks in winter. Updated every 2-3 years. High margin/Low risk/Large qtys. Lowest price point

Better = 50% Key items. Mainstream fashion + proven best sellers from “Best” category. Updated seasonally. Mid margin/Low-medium risk/Large qtys. Mid price point

Best = 20% Fashion items/New trends. High risk/Low margin/small qtys (leveraged with factories against placing good/better items with them. Updated seasonally. Highest price point. Small qtys.

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