Our company has a tradition of 30 years. We are a family business established in 1989 by shareholders with several decades of professional experience in the profession of manufacturing gloves.
Our business focus is on the production of quality leather gloves meeting high European standards for fashion, sports and parades.
The sons of the establishers are professionals skilled both in business administration and manufacturing gloves. Over the past years, we transformed our enterprise into a real manufacture employing almost 50 people. Our mission is to continue the world-wide traditions and reputation of the art of manufacturing leather gloves in Pécs.
Our leather gloves are made from Hairsheep nappa, Peccary, Deerskin or Doeskin, lambfur curly. Linings are available in wool, cashmere, silk, rabbit fur, lambfur, orylag.
Also, special individual linings may be requested.

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