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Tarik Ediz

With almost 30 years of solid international experience behind, Tarık Ediz strongly pursues its goal becoming a Worldwide known brand, starts its operations as a luxury fashion store and after a short while carries its Head Office to Istanbul to meet demands of International customers.

The constant appreciation and the high demand received from its customers living and running high fashion business in different part of the World, strongly proved Tarik Ediz that it is on the right track in carrying its dream to the world of high Fashion.

In the unique designs of Tarik Ediz, elegance and charm come to the forefront thanks to the preparation of a talented team, who have mastered in handcrafts, with great passion and originality.

Tarik Ediz collection, sold in more than 111 countries all over the world, are designed and developed by ambitious, reliable and dynamic team in Istanbul.

Offering quality, unique designs and pioneering approach together, Tarik Ediz has become one of the favorite brands of many women who want to draw attention at special events, graduation balls or weddings.


You can learn more about the brand’s collections in special presentations:

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  1. White – Wedding dresses
  2. Tarik Ediz – Evening dresses
  3. Prom dresses
  4. Raffinee – Сasual chic collection

More information: https://www.tarikediz.com/en/