Our company work on the children’s garment fields since 2009. We worked for many Italian brand managing production and quality, so we have a very strong background. My name is Vero, I am Italian with 35 years of experience in garment when I was in Italy I worked for one of the most biggest european Company ‘GFT’ Gruppo Finanziario Tessile, (we manage brands ad Armani, Ungaro, Valentino, Montana, Joan & David, Cory, Lady … etc…). In 2009 I open my own company and 2 years ago we start to produce our own collection … our mainly market is in USA where we do the fairs every season and we cooperate with many shops.
Our collection is different for many reason … starting from the raw material always very unique, from the print developed together with a fabric italian design so our prints are all Trade mark. Our designer put in every single garment the passion and the struggle of our life … and you can see on the special desgin and cut … all is created with the hand and the feeling of the moment. We have many good feedback so we would like expand our market also in Russia and Europe. We have our own factory in Shanghai so we have under control all the detail and the quality.

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