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Vero By Aslanis

“Vero By Aslanis” is a brand aiming at providing the modern every day men and women with underwear that flatter their body and excite their fantasy.
The brand is well known for innovative design, excellent quality, total reliability and value for money in Greece for over 20 years and runs its own shops in many cities.
DOMNA S.A is a vertical integrated company that operates its own knitting facility with numerous knitting machines to cover all different needs for various underwear fabrics.More than 80% of the fabrics used by the company are produced in-house from high quality Greek yarns and the final products are produced in the company’s assembling factory. Greek yarns are amongst the best quality yarns in the world and are ideal for applications that need smooth and soft touch.A wide selection of underpants, briefs, knickers, thongs, bras, bodies, nightwear and swimwear create a line that can support the changing needs of today’s shops in their effort to service the consumers. The product range consists of two collections:
• the Every Day Luxury Underwear & Lingerie Collection that has extended availability throughout the year
• and the Fashion Luxury Underwear & Lingerie Collection that changes in every season and is presented twice a year for on-season deliveries

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