Versitude - CPM Moscow

About the brand:

Versitude, which stands for “versus attitude” was born from the idea to create high-end accessories for people who seek something different, daring, and new. To create the unique designs, the brand merges the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing with the beauty of leather crafts. The result is a high-quality product, that encourages local manufacturing and is produced in a sustainable way that helps to reduce the carbon footprint. As customization is one of the core features of Versitude products, each piece is easy to mix and match to one’s liking. We design with versatility in mind and offer our customers multiple options to meet their taste and lifestyle.

Diluci Bags Collection:

Imagine a bag that blends the beauty of nature and precision of technology. A bag that creates the playground for your imagination, and allows you to tell your own story through your style. Diluci Bags Collection presents the idea of a fully customizable bag the parts of which can be mixed and matched to one’s liking. It’s the high-end version of a Lego bag which lets the customer express their style. The organic forms of the bags are inspired by nature and brought to life through 3D printing and leather crafts.

Meltdown Jewelry Collection:

A beautiful jewelry collection that explores the lines between technology and the human body. Inspired by the fluid forms of nature, the designs of the earrings merge with the shape of the ear and complement each curve. The jewelry is crafted by combining modern production methods with expert hand craftsmanship in 925 Sterling Silver or Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver (Vermeil). Each piece is high-polished to achieve a beautiful shine.

About the founder:

From an early age, I was passionate about art in all its manifestations, whether it is painting, sculptures, fashion, design, movies, or CGI. To me, art was a limitless ground where I could play with my own rules. This passion motivated me to pursue a creative career and become a designer. After graduating from the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, I was hired as a product designer at a 3D printing and design agency in Amsterdam. During my journey, I discovered the limitless possibilities of design, and its applications. I learned new tools and technologies that could bring my ideas to life. All the knowledge and experience I gained throughout the years, sparkled a new idea in my mind: create wearable art objects that merge technology and crafts.

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