WtR - CPM Moscow

WtR takes inspiration for the AW1819 Collection from the lavish city of St. Petersburg.
A city that has inspired and nurtured some of today’s greatest modern thinkers in literature, music,
ballet and art. With its magnificent architecture, the city was built to captivate the sheer grandeur of
its presence and the history it has to offer has inspired decadent silhouettes and sharp cuts that flow
gracefully through a collection of timeless pieces.

The mood of this collection is like a masterpiece of art, mysterious and extravagant.
Classic yet opulent – expressed through details, tactility and immaculate workmanship.
The use of luxurious fabrics such as silk taffeta and velvet lends richness to key pieces.
Silhouettes are elongated with emphasis on the female form creating shape through accentuating
waists, strong shoulders and voluminous sleeves with each design-element strengthened by the well
fitted garments. The collection includes casual structure, flare and looseness, creating styles that are
easily suited for all women.

The colour palette is artistic and deep – orchestrated by the colour palette of Marc Chagall. Working
with the multitude of possible combination, bringing life to the collection with earthly tones of brown,
deep green, amber and taupe. The warm tones of reds and brighter colours such as purple and green
all of which is accented with a shiny gold. In addition to the colours the black and white story will give
a sophisticated and timeless option to the customer with the ability to easily slot into any pre-existing

WtR is a contemporary lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from the contrast between structure and
spontaneity, embracing effortless dressing with design led sophistication
WtR is about delivering an experience of indulgence and desirability using premium materials and
timeless design, conceptual construction with focus on quality.
Every piece has been carefully designed around every woman’s wardrobe essentials with the ability to
carry over from day to night. Creating the full look complemented by the WtR collection of shoe, bags
and accessories.

More information: https://www.wtrlondon.com/