CPM Designerpool - CPM Moscow


The organizers of the CPM fashion trade show created a special project – Designerpool – to support young talents among fashion designers in Russia.

Our task is to find not just a fresh interesting design, but also to determine its commercial potential. For more than 10 years of the project’s existence, it was attended by those who today have the reputation of impeccable design solutions and success in business. Among such names are Yulia Nikolaeva, Svetlana Tegin, Erika Zayonts, Jemal Makhmudov, Dasha Gauser, Asya Kogel, brands – IVANOVA, Tanya Kotegova, Larissa Pogoretskaya, Ianis Chamalidy and many others.

Under the terms of the project, each participant is given the opportunity not only to show their collections two seasons in a row at the booth in the pavilion of CPM Premium, but also on the podium as a part of the collective daily show – CPM Designerpool.

For many designers the experience connecting business presentation and professional catwalk show is unprecedented and becomes a real career springboard.

For participation in the project, please, contact us:

Galina Istomina, curator of the CPM design projects

+7 903 7589135