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CPM fashion connect

Not all specialists leave their resumes in the public domain, so more and more often they turn to an exclusive recruiting agency to find talent. Such a platform has became a new project that debuted in September at the CPM exhibition – CPM fashion connect.

CPM fashion connect is a one-of-a-kind project that brings together employers, job seekers and professional training exclusively in the fashion sector on its platform.

The strategic partner of the exhibition in the development of this project is the MODNOE BURO recruitment agency, which provides services in the field of HR and specializes in fashion business and clothing production and which also uses closed specialist databases.

During the exhibition, at the CPM fashion connect stand, specialists and employers could get advice, leave their resumes or information about vacancies, many of which have already been closed thanks to the work of MODNOE BURO.

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After analyzing all the consultations held at the CPM exhibition among the owners of sewing factories, brand representatives, fashion specialists and industry universities, the MODNOE BURO agency experts summed up the following results:

  1. The demand for remote work and remote employees has grown even more.
  2. The market is in dire need of key specialists (technologists, designers, seamstresses and tailors), the struggle for talent is intensifying.
  3. There are many applications for specialists in the online sphere – both in analytics and in promotion.
  4. Companies are more and more aware of the value of a person, they are ready to invest in his development.
  5. Digital knowledge is important and needed in almost every segment of the working algorithm.
  6. The importance of the professional community and networking has doubled.
  7. The demand for Mediators has grown, before such specialists only large international companies could call themselves. (Note. Mediator is a specialist in resolving conflicts in the pre-trial order – is in demand in case of internal disputes, dismissals of employees, expenses of business owners, etc.).
  8. Many specialists do not know where to get education in order to be in demand after training.
  9. Many graduates of various courses (stylists, fashion analysts, buyers) have difficulties finding a job because of the inability to position themselves correctly.

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You can post information about a vacancy or send a resume by contacting info@modnoeburo.ru / modnoeburo@yandex.ru marked “CPM fashion connect”.