[ 12. November 2018 ]

On September 4, the 31st season of the leading fashion exhibition CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow, opened the doors. Designer brands from 27 countries presented over 1280 fashion collections for the next spring-summer 2019 season in Moscow.

The most famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, the head of his own fashion house and a regular participant of the Paris fashion week, was the guest of honor at the CPM opening ceremony. Mr. Thomas Geisel, the Lord Mayor of Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, addressed his welcome speech to the guests of the exhibition on the stage.

CPM Opening Ceremony

Ekaterina Odintsova, Galina Yudashkina, Konstantin Andrikopulos and many other celebrities came to support the new season’s exhibition during the very first hours of the opening day. The star guests got acquainted with the collections of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, lingerie and beach fashion, shoes and accessories, and many of them said that visiting CPM has already become a good tradition. Ekaterina Drobysh said that she always meets her designer friends here and considers the exhibition to be an excellent platform for bringing people from different countries together. Anna Chicherova comes here to replenish her “baggage of fashion knowledge”, and Irina Lachina gladly visits CPM and enjoys a variety of design solutions.

Miroslava Karpovich, not having a lot of experience of visiting such events, mentioned that some of her friends get ready for a visit here as for a social event: they do makeup, hairstyle, and put on elegant evening gowns. And it is understandable: once you get here, you realize, that this is a real celebration of fashion.  Aya, the lead singer of the “City 312” group, also came to CPM for the first time and immediately appreciated the special atmosphere. There were also those who made pleasant fashion discoveries for themselves, and some visited the stands of their favorite brands.

Lyubov Tolkalina: “After several CPM- visits I am happy to come back again for fresh impressions and new brands. For me, this place is a kind of a fashion portal, and it is difficult to get out of here without any purchase. Some of the things that came into my life thanks to the exhibition have really become my favorite. For example, I spent this summer on the Black sea in a black swimsuit of a Colombian brand. Colombian fashion in this segment is exotic, and I love non-trivial things, so this time I’ve chosen a two-way swimsuit by Prints Lab with a funny fish print.”

Julia Mikhalchik, singer: “I was interested in the Colombian lingerie booth and home clothes by Ellipse. As a conservative, I’d rather prefer if not all covered, then very reserved models. And I found my dream kimono at Ellipse. I just fell in love with this piece; color, quality, an exotic bird print – I immediately realized that this is my thing! In general, I was very impressed by the atmosphere of CPM. It is comfortable, spacious enough to take your time and look at your favorite collections calmly and without fuss. ”

Special guests at CPM

Svetlana Abramova: “I really liked the collection by Free Age. It seems that cashmere pieces shouldto be voluminous and protect from the cold, but here the models perfectly emphasize the figure (body shapes), looking very elegant and sophisticated. I love the mix of wool and silk, it is very fashionable, and Free Age designers made a great job by introducing such an assortment into their collections. I’m also very impressed by the mix of sports style with traditionally feminine pieces. In general, new items leave a very pleasant impression. I opted for a red cashmere dress. Firstly, because I like this color, besides, I am in such a mood that I want to show myself off. So why not in a new red dress?!»

Anna Tikhomirova: “It is very nice to meet new brands and their trends. Until today, I did not know about the existence of Ellipse, a brand of underwear and home wear with very beautiful, high-quality and comfortable models. I am particularly impressed by the seamless underwear, as well as blouses, which are also considered as home wear. They are so spectacular that I could easily wear one even for an event. I’ve got a very nice impression from visiting CPM, as always, however.”

Larisa Verbitskaya: “I love CPM very much and enjoy visiting it. This is a great platform to find out what we will be wearing very soon. As a public person, I need clothes for different occasions, and in my situation it is very interesting and practical to visit places where I can see a lot of brands from different countries. This time I discovered the “1001 dress” brand. Their range is very diverse – it suits all shapes, ages and preferences. And it’s is great, since nowadays, while being abroad, it is sometimes it is hard to tell if the piece belongs to a man’s or a woman’s wardrobe. A Russian woman cannot imagine her wardrobe without dresses, for they are extremely feminine, elegant, attractive. I urge all ladies not to part with this element of their wardrobe, especially since we have plenty to choose from. Tenderness and touchy looks – that’s our strength.”

Special guests at CPM

Evelina Bledans: “As always, everything is beautiful and positive. It is wonderful that every visit to CPM brings a lot of emotions from seeing beautiful things, unusual new products and talented people who create them. There is a feeling of spring here at any time of the year. This time I’ve chosen a stunning Free Age cardigan for myself, which I immediately fell in love with.  This piece was always on my mind no matter what I tried on afterwards.  So I decided that I just have buy it, otherwise I’d lose my night sleep! I also really liked the practical down jacket from M.Reason. That is what I need for touring.”

Margarita Mitrofanova, TV / Radio host: “For many, South America is associated with temper, beauty, warmth, amazing nature and TV Soaps telling exciting love stories. We see beautiful women, handsome men and high-quality stylish clothes on the screen. Therefore, the Colombian brand of underwear and home wear is very interesting. The Ellipse brand, presented at CPM, really interested me. Stunning colors, from deep black to pale pink, hand embroidery, including the pieces with a 3d-effect, high-quality fabrics, which are so important for this segment and, of course, all in absolute trend. I’d save my dreams of feminine, piquant styles for spring, meantime, I can quite imagine myself on the balcony of a Colombian villa wearing a silk peignoir! So I’m going to buy myself a dressing gown from Ellipse in the nearest future and make plans to conquer South America, standing at my Moscow window.”

Some famous people also attended an evening event dedicated to the relaunch of the CPM Body & Beach section of lingerie and beachwear. Exclusive cocktail party “COLOMBIA. LAND OF SABROSURA” was visited by high-ranking guests, including Alfonso Lopez Caballero, the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia, directors of textile factories, famous buyers and Russian celebrities such as Anastasia Makeeva, Ruslan and Elena Nigmatullin. The event was hosted by Ekaterina Odintsova.

After a small official part, the hot salsa rhythms moved those present from the center of Moscow to an exotic Colombian beach with its unique atmosphere, it was getting hotter by the minute. On the stage, decorated with sunbeds, appeared the models in swimsuits and beachwear from Colombian manufacturers presented at CPM. The guests admitted that they couldn’t recall such a creative show in the lingerie and swimwear segment: a real performance was held for them in the style of Latin American TV Soaps, where love, passion and fashion got intertwined.

Just a few minutes after the show had started, Anastasia Makeeva admitted that she wanted to go to Colombia. “I have never been to this country before, but now I can’t get rid of the wish to go there! I want to wear a hat, shorts, the same ones as on the models, and go straight ahead to visit handsome Colombian men! ”- Anastasia shared her emotions. The star guests also appreciated the interactive and creative finds, which made the show different from others.

Among the brands that took part in the show were noted Lau De La, Prints Lab, Smeralda, Fajeta and Kibys.

Special guests at CPM

The next CPM – Collection Première Moscow will be held from February 25 to February 28, 2019 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. Russian and international manufacturers will present their collections of the autumn-winter season 2019/20.