CPM Shop & Retail Solutions - CPM Moscow


Equipment and new technologies in retail

is created for you!


If you want to demonstrate your services and products in the following areas:

  • Shop building, trade equipment, design of shops and Pop-up spaces from ceiling to floor
  • Rebranding of retail space / Shop facelift
  • Light, lighting technology
  • Visual merchandising and storefront services
  • Retail marketing, POS-materials, loyalty programs
  • Outdoor advertising, light signs
  • Automation systems in trade. Communications and information technology
  • Security and safety systems
  • Packaging


If you:

  • Want to increase the percentage of new customers in your store
  • Strive to attract a new audience
  • Open a new outlet and look for a modern design
  • Think how to mark your advantage with the help of external design
  • Want to trade equipment more contributed to the commercial efficiency of your business
  • Ready to take the first step towards omnichannel or significantly increase online sales of your products
  • Want to build a digital communication strategy in accordance with the needs of your target audience
  • or just get inspired for new achievements

CPM Shop Retail Solutions AWARDS 2023

For the first time an award in the field of window dressing, retail spaces, as well as the display of fashion retail products was held within the CPM 2023, the purpose of which is to unite and identify the most authentic and promising solutions.

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