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Premium fashion centrally staged

Welcome to cpm premium

Premium fashion centrally staged, high-quality, avantgarde luxury for discerning customers. Approximately 88 collections from 15 countries are presented at the premium hall 81. Here trade buyers will find a sophisticated, international mix of design-oriented labels.

Furthermore you can enjoy some premium brands at the catwalk in the collective shows, like CPM opening and CPM selected.

Since 2007 CPM premium has become a successful part of CPM Moscow. For many providers, this segment is a stepping stone in the Russian market to clearly define their position from other brands.

The place to be…

The real feeling that is obvious after these three days in CPM, is that the optimism is back in Russian textile market! Since a long time, I haven’t seen so many buyers at CPM. Of course, everything is not so “Rose” as we say in France, as many shops have closed. The situation of the middle class is still fragile and rubble, still too high even though it is nothing to compare with last year. But the market conditions are more or less the same as we find in many other western countries. Russia for sure is a potential market for brands like EVA KAYAN…and CPM is the ” passage oblige”. The place to be…

My warm regards to you, all of your team and my warm thanks for your great professionalism!

Stephane Tchektchekian, President EVA KAYAN

Eva Kayan

Focus on

The collections are in the main focus, supported by a clean and uniform stand construction. Due to the unifying concept stand in hall 81, the focus of the visitor’s attention is forced to the collections of the brands. It is pleasantly to overlook the hall and to get a good impression of the special brands combined with the right neighborhood and the perfect environment for the exhibitors.

High-quality materials

Premium represents high-quality materials, select fabrics and elegance. Labels such as Barbara Schwarzer, Sarah Pacini, Marc Cain, Georges Morand or Bleu Blanc Rouge showcase Premium fashion in an accomplished, stylish manner. This is fashion, this is Premium. The wide and varied segment on CPM is in demand and presents many international labels.

International mix

A mix of high quality collections with international and national designers. Quality and fashionable collections far away from the mainstream. Collections with an unmistakable style. CPM premium is for buyers an ordering platform which is designed as a source of inspiration supplying with a plethora of unique brands.


CPM premium also promotes the Russian designers inside the Designerpool. For years the Designerpool has served as a symbolic bridge between Europe and Russia. It is a sign of the Igedo Company’s commitment to Russia, which takes the form of sponsoring for young Russian designers helping them ‘get a foot in the door’ of the European fashion industry.

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