Russian Fashion Retail Forum
Russian Fashion Retail Forum (RFRF) is a registered trade mark of IGEDO COMPANY, organizers of Collection Première Moscow (CPM) the leading specialized trade fair for all major sectors of fashion and accessories in Eastern Europe. RFRF was produced for the first time in February 2008 dedicated to the theme of Fashion Retail Store Concepts, both multi-brand and mono-brand formats. From the very beginning of RFRF the objective of this unique conference event is to increase market transparency on the Russian Fashion Market for all players involved in the local and foreign upstream-to-downstream fashion business as well as improving communication among industry with a focus on retail.

Venue: Hall 7.2

Seminar by WGSN

From vintage themes to power dressing join WGSN at CPM Moscow for the essential Buyers’ Briefing Checklist. WGSN’s Director of Retail and Buying, Sara Maggioni will present the key messages and trends you need to know to design your future collections.

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Venue: Hall 8.3 at 10:30am on 5/9/2018

Seminar Program

PDF Download Download the seminar program RFRF as PDF for 5/9/2018 and 6/9/2018.

PDF Download Download the seminar program CPM BODY & BEACH as PDF for 4/9/2018 till 6/9/2018.

Seminar Program 5/9/2018

  • 10:30 - 13:00 • 05.09.2018 • 8.3
  • Start: 13:00 Uhr • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    Opening Addresses by Thomas Stenzel, CEO, OOO Messe Duesseldorf, Moscow, Dr. Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, CEO of Fashion Consulting Group (FCG) and Ekaterina Eliseeva, CEO of PROfashion Consulting, PROfashion Media Group.
  • Start: 13:15 Uhr • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    Recent Development of Clothing Exports from the Member-States of EU-28 to the Russian Federation by Countries and Categories of Men’s Wear, Womens’ Wear and Intimate Apparel, Year 2017/16, Projection 2018; Speaker: Reinhard E. Doepfer, Chairman of European Fashion and Textile Export Council (EFTEC) and Managing Partner of ITMM GmbH
  • Start: 13:45 Uhr • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    Fashion and New Technologies: the present and the future of the industry, Current Trends and Market Performance in 2018; Speaker: Dr. Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, CEO, Fashion Consulting Group (FCG)
  • Start: 15:00 Uhr • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    New technology-based services for fashion retail: how to keep up with the Generation of new customers and survive in the new reality; Speaker: Natalia Chinyonova, Head of Masters-Program “Management and Marketing in the Fashion Industry”, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
  • Start: 15:45 Uhr • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    Digital Environment and Communications: how to build the right path to your consumers?; Speaker: Kseniya Khizova, Digital Marketing Specialist, Fashion Consulting Group (FCG)
  • Start: 16:30 Uhr • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    Visual content in fashion: photo shootings, look-books, campaigns, videos, Social media strategy and content; Speaker: Alessandro Maso, Co-Founder of COOL MIND Studio, Italy
  • 17:15 - 18:00 • 05.09.2018 • 7.2
    Online- and offline sales: key issues and mistakes to avoid; Speaker: Alexey Salychev, Head of e-commerce consulting, Fashion Consulting Group (FCG)

Seminar Program 6/9/2018

  • 10:30 - 18:00 • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    powered by PROfashion Media Group
  • Start: 10:30 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    Wholesalers and Internet: how to build the right content to attract customers?; Speaker: Denis Fomin, Co-Founder of the Multi-Channel Platform of Modny Magazine
  • Start: 11:00 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    Commercial Trends and Buying for the season SS 2019: how to develop the right assortment for Omni-Channel Sales?¸Speaker: Galina Kravchenko, Head of Assortment Department, FCG, and Official Representative of FASHIONSNOOPS.COM, Fashion Trend Fore casting Agency, New York City, USA
  • Start: 12:00 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    Service in a Boutique: how to exceed your clients’ expectations and Make them come back again?; Speaker: Elena Stolyarskaya, Senior Service Specialist, Fashion Consulting Group (FCG)
  • Start: 13:00 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    Unique sales techniques- make your store to get special. How to develop and implement these in the store; Speaker: Eliseeva Ekaterina + Marina Agafonova, PROfashion Consulting
  • Start: 13:45 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    7 VM instruments to increase sales in your store; Speakers: Ekaterina Eliseeva, CEO PROfashion Consulting and Anna Balandina, CEO of VM-Agency “Guru”
  • Start: 14:30 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    Action in the store. Sell without discounts. Real cases from 2018 and key Instruments; Speaker: Ekaterina Eliseeva, PROfashion Consulting
  • Start: 16:00 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    A Day with a stylist in your store: Tips and Keys for a successful event organization and good sell-out results; Speaker: Astanda Chegia, PROfashion Consulting
  • Start: 16:45 Uhr • 06.09.2018 • 7.2
    Motivation of Sales Attendants - 3rd Course at RFRF; Speaker: Ekaterina Eliseeva, PROfashion Consulting

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