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Trend Gallery

Fashion Consulting Group / Fashion Snoops

Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry of Russia,

together with the international trend Bureau will present the latest fashion trends in a unique format trend gallery on CPM – COLLECTION PREMIERE MOSCOW



Trendy theme CHAMBER is rooted in the natural world. This is a kind of imaginary futuristic space that brings together those who, striving for development, put forward the values of sustainable development and ecology, concern for the future.


Trendy theme PARLOR is hyper-feminine. A woman carefully selects an image for every time of the day, and especially for evening outings. There are always delicate romantic elements in her wardrobe.


Trendy theme ILLUMINAE describes people who bring light to the world and open up new horizons. A woman – a “light” symbolizes the establishment, the leaders of society, who share progressive thinking, purity of thoughts, she destroys outdated barriers, while maintaining respect for others.


Trendy theme PORTAL is about lightness and freedom of movement, enlightened consciousness and a comfortable casual wardrobe. It is expressed through flowing textures and luminous pastel shades, as if leading to a new dimension.