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Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry of Russia,

together with the international trend Bureau will present the latest fashion trends in a unique format trend gallery on CPM – COLLECTION PREMIERE MOSCOW



The fashionable theme I-D is the expansion of horizons, negating cliches and labeling. The ID woman is immersed in the technological world of cryptocurrencies and corporate suits, she is a participant in events in the world of underground culture, stands for innovation and for the ethics of diversity. She is against linear unambiguity, knowing that any thing always has two (or more) sides.


The fashionable WILDING theme tells about the natural balance, it conveys the emotion of gratitude to nature for its resources, which we use every day. The human mission within this fashionable theme is to live in unity and harmony with nature. It instills faith in the fact that even from seemingly barren soil, something beautiful and blooming can grow, giving hope that life will continue.


The fashionable theme STORYWORTH is about the ethics of living without frills. These are clothes for a natural life in nature, outside the city. This is a simple universal wardrobe, where every thing performs its function. This fashionable theme corresponds to an important consumer trend for durable, high-quality, wear-resistant clothing made of natural materials and embodied in timeless comfortable designs.


The fashionable RAVEN theme is imbued with Gothic aesthetics, filled with mysterious omissions. The sensual and fragile girl seems to be hidden under layers of velvet, tweed and denim. She can try on various mystical images: from a languid and fatal seductress to an innocent and touching person. Thus, this fashionable theme allows you to express various facets of mysterious femininity.