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Trend Gallery

Fashion Consulting Group / Fashion Snoops

Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry of Russia,

together with the international trend Bureau will present the latest fashion trends in a unique format trend gallery on CPM – COLLECTION PREMIERE MOSCOW



The fashionable theme BLOOM returns a person to nature, to his identity. Design is viewed as a process of creation, and every thing, small details of decor and texture of the material are endowed with meaning.

Not only the aesthetics of clothing is becoming important, but also the prospect of the possibility of reselling, recycling and recycling. Organic elements such as flowers and leaves are transformed into eco-prints and dyes. Regenerative design is the inspiration behind the BLOOM fashion theme, where clothing benefits the environment.


The fashionable theme HEARTH embodies the hearth and comfort. Suburban and rural life is becoming a new desirable lifestyle, inspiring a romantic and simple style of dress.

Key manifestations: interpretation of handicraft techniques for making and dyeing fabrics, handmade-techniques for sewing clothes, reminiscent of home textiles, tight-fitting buttons, sewing. Natural pastels blend harmoniously with grass greens, vibrant blues and earthy tones.


The fashionable theme MIRAGE takes us to a calm place, where the refraction of light and air creates a blissful state. Design and color matching harmonizes the psychological state and allows you to find balance. The soft, luminous palette is enhanced by the use of translucent materials, delicate textures and glossy surfaces. Sensuality and relaxation are emphasized by the wide silhouettes of the second layer and the form-fitting models of the bottom layer. A rich palette of warm powdery and coral shades complemented by bright light green, radiant yellow, cool blue and sepia.


The fashionable theme Traverse energizes and helps maintain a positive attitude. Vibrant colors bring clothing designs to life. The finishes combine glamor and sport elements. Tracksuits in the style of the 80s, wide leg trousers with pintucks, cropped tops with halternecks, bodysuits with metal closure, cargo with front pockets – all this creates the possibility of endless combinations of models with each other. The prints and patterns in the Traverse theme are imbued with the aesthetics of urban subcultures: these are graffiti-style fonts, quotes from rap, photo illustrations of places of parties, glowing signs of clubs.

Brands presented in the trend gallery