Trend Gallery
FCG / Fashion Snoops

Fashion Consulting Group together with the international trend bureau Fashion Snoops presents FW 19/20 fashion trends in a unique trend gallery format on CPM - COLLECTION PREMIEMRE MOSCOW

FCG / Fashion Snoops trend gallery is a space where the main drivers of inspiration, shapes, colors and moods of the upcoming FW 19/20 season are presented into one visual story. Recommended for buying for Russia and the CIS countries fashion items are vividly showcased.


FCG trend gallery divided into two spaces:

underwear, beach zone, and key trends in clothing, footwear, and accessories assortment.

On February 27, 2019, Fashion Consulting Group and Fashion Snoops bureau were pleased to invite all visitors to participate in the gallery tour. Guests joined the presentation of the most important fashion insights which were held by professional trend-scouts. In the atmosphere of a colorful visual journey, they received recommendations on the purchase of must-haves models and the style movements in the fashion industry.

All participants of the presentation were be able to get exclusive trend reports with trend forecasts.

The trend gallery of underwear took a place in the area of ​​CPM Body & Beach.

The trend gallery of clothes, shoes and accessories took a place at Hall «Foyer».

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the only full-scale exposition of the upcoming fashion trends in Russia!



In the trend Horizon, recent scientific discoveries ignite a new curiosity in design and inspire unconventional solutions for humanity to interact and sustain the natural world.

Technological innovations continue to drive progressive ideas with renewables and sustainability practices. As limited natural resources are a growing concern, humanity is compelled to explore other worlds and species that lead to discovery and alternative ways of life.

The trend has stark and punctuated curved lines, reflective surfaces and futuristic utility elements, which were recently acquired from a distant universe.

The Enchanted

In the trend The Enchanted we take a step into a seductive new world where mystery and a sense of foreboding luxury create an alluring underworld.

Mystical feminine power can evoke compelling forms and textures that tap into our primal beings to take us further into the depths of our consciousness.

In the trend, sultry new-world design is infused by old world lavishness for a chic underworld aesthetic that seduces the senses.


The main principle of universal design is good design for all. Holding this principle to the highest standard is quickly becoming the mantra of today’s trailblazing creatives. How to do more with less is a major challenge forcing us to confront what is a necessity and what is not.

In the trend, smart minimalism is ignited by bold design details that redefine shape and surface.

Unexpected details are harnessed to great effect, infusing smart streamlined silhouettes with irony and subtle edge. The Switch woman ignites minds with her assertive modern vision.